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A Review of My Knee Replacement Surgery in Singapore for Knee Pain


I had my left knee operated on via a knee replacement surgery in Singapore, done by the excellent Dr Mizan of Orion Orthopaedic Surgery, and with this review, I hope to share my story with readers who are experiencing knee pain like myself.

before knee replacement surgery

It began in 2015, when I started feeling a lot of pain in my knee. The pain was nowhere specific, just around the knee in general. I used to play a lot of sports back then, and thought this was a normal thing. I’d play football, sepak takraw, and warm up beforehand with vertical runs. You could say I was a very active individual.

Naturally, I ignored the pain. But then it gradually worsened, up to the point when my friend was able to spot my knee problem from a distance. He observed that I was limping, and grimacing with pain as I walked.

Of course, I told him that my knee was hurting and that I’ve tried everything – from essential oils, to aromatherapy, and massage. The pain would disappear with these methods, but the relief was only temporary, and the pain would return after an hour or so.

It was by my good friend’s recommendation that I see an orthopaedic doctor that I was introduced to Dr Mizan for a consultation for my knee pain. At this point, my knee pain felt like a burden to me, as I couldn’t do the sports I love nor could I go to work everyday.

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How was the consultation for knee pain like?

The consultation involved Dr Mizan assessing my knee and having me perform a few movements to test my range of movements. When he saw that the movements were limited on my left knee, I had some scans done so that he could determine the extent of the injury.

xray left knee before surgery

An X-ray scan of my knee prior to the operation.

The X-ray scans showed that the screws from a previous knee operation due to an accident some years ago still remained inside my knee, but now my knee was bent at an odd angle.

Some time later, I heard back from the team at Orion Orthopaedic and met Dr Mizan again. To my dismay, he recommended a knee replacement surgery to relieve the pain, as my joint has grown weaker and my knee cartilage is mostly worn out.

during knee replacement consultation

I was afraid of a surgery, as I wasn’t sure about the pain that might be involved in the procedure and even afterwards. I had a full-time job as a barber, and a surgery might mean a lot of time away from work. I was worried about my ability to earn an income after the operation.

At this, Dr Mizan sat me down and explained to me the process of a knee replacement. He answered all of my queries, and said that I might even be able to return to work in about as little as 2 months – if I was diligent with physiotherapy and exercises.

As for the pain, he says, he can prescribe painkillers and ensure my comfort during the procedure. With the reassurance, I gave it some thought, and decided that surgery may be the only way for me to continue living a good quality of life.

Knee replacement surgery in Singapore: My review

I didn’t feel any pain during the operation. I had the anaesthetic administered to the lower half of my body, and was able to hear and see my knee being operated on. All the while, the nurse and Dr Mizan checked in on me to see how I was doing, if I was comfortable, and feeling alright.

xray left knee after surgery

An X-ray scan of my knee after the operation.

After the surgery, I still didn’t feel any pain. Although my knee felt a little heavy, it felt brand-new, too! I found that I could walk immediately after the operation, albeit slowly. I also had to relearn how to climb the stairs, bend my knees as per normal, and more with the physiotherapist.

physiotherapy after knee surgery

He taught me how to walk properly again, as I needed to get used to the new knee parts. It didn’t feel strange or as though there was something inside my leg – it just felt a little heavier than I’m used to. But it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

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How was your lifestyle like post-surgery?

I had physiotherapy sessions for a few weeks after that. During those few weeks, I’ve had to depend on crutches to get around. Then 3 weeks in, I could put more weight on my knee and only needed 1 crutch.

lifestyle post knee replacement surgery

Image: Stock photo.

It took me a month to finally be free of the crutches and walk around on my own. I found that I could walk and get back to work again. Where I could only serve up to 5 customers a day due to my knee pain, as I couldn’t stand for too long, now I can stand as long as I want to and keep up my business as a barber.

That was how I finally got rid of my knee pain. And if you are reading this and are struggling to get by with knee, hip, or any joint pain, I’ll give you the same advice my friend gave to me 6 months ago before I had my surgery: see an orthopaedic specialist immediately. He or she will help you, and you’ll go back to doing the things you love without the pain.

I will like to also thank Dr Mizan at Orion Orthopaedic for the quality care he gave me when I was suffering from knee pain, and for helping me during this time.

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