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Types of Sports Injuries


Whether you are a skilled athlete or a sporty person, there’s always a possibility that you will get injured. There are different types of common sports injuries, including ankle, shin, shoulder, tennis elbow and knee. When injuries happen, it is important to know about the treatments available to resolve it. While some individuals might prefer to treat it at home, certain injuries would require specialised clinical treatments.

Ankle Injury

During sports activities, most athletes tend to experience an ankle injury, especially when the foot ends up in an inward position. This incorrect position tears the ligaments on the outer areas of the ankle, which are relatively weak. This is also known as an ankle sprain. While experiencing an ankle injury, use a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. To prevent such injury from arising again, it is essential to practice how to be flexible – doing yoga or stretches regularly might help. You might enquire your doctor about the different kinds of exercise you can do.

Shin Injury

If you were to experience pain down the front of the lower legs, it might be a shin injury, or shin splints. This injury happens due to strenuous physical activities such as running – especially long runs. In such cases, shin splints might recover within a week if you get enough rest and use ice compress or over-the-counter medicine on the treatment areas.

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injury might happen due to misalignment, muscles strains and ligaments tear. A lack of flexibility, strength or balance can trigger shoulder injury during a physical activity. To relieve the pain and swelling, getting sufficient rest is important and any persistent pain for more than two weeks should be evaluated by a doctor.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow usually happens to individuals involved in many gripping activities. It is known as an overuse sports injury. Due to the repetitive action, the tendons of the forearm can become inflamed and result in painful arm movements. This can cause a weak gripping strength. It is significant to perform early treatments for tennis elbow, such as using ice compression on the inflamed area. Anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medication, or elbow supports can minimise the pressure and prevent further elbow injuries. Stretching exercises can help to reduce the stiffness and slowly enhance strength, returning athletes to their physical activities.

Knee Injury

Knee injury is the most common sports injury faced by many athletes. It is usually categorised into two groups – ACL injury and Patellofemoral Syndrome. ACL injury happens when there is an abrupt change of directions, causing ligaments tear on the inside of the knee. If you suspect an ACL sports injury, visit a doctor and receive relevant treatments. Patellofemoral Syndrome arises due to repetitive movement of the kneecap against the thigh bone, causing a slip onto the knees. The pain and swelling can last at least six weeks to clear up. It’s important to do less strenuous exercises during this time.

Groin Pull

Groin muscles are injured due to fast side-to-side movements and lack of flexibility. This causes the injured athlete to feel stiff in his/her lateral movements, especially in the groin or inner thigh. To counter the stiffness, it is significant to apply ice compression immediately on the injured area. Avoid returning to exercise activity too quickly as it can trigger further pressure on the groin, resulting in a long-term problem.

Sports injury is a devastating problem to the athletes, affecting their strengths and abilities in the activities. All the efforts spent in training have gone down the drain in that split second or even in the long-run. To prevent the injuries from worsening, it is better to treat it quickly. While natural remedies like applying ice compression and resting might be temporary solutions, receiving clinical treatments are certainly more effective. Improper treatments might lead to possible health consequences in future, as age increases.

There are many personal recommendations for professional doctors specialised in treating sports injuries in Singapore. For instance, Dr Mizan Marican is a skilled expert in the field of computer-assisted joint replacement surgeries. As a professional orthopaedic surgeon, he had performed over 1000 joint replacements to date. Dr Siow Hua Ming from Mount Elizabeth Novena is skilled in treating sports and orthopaedic surgeries for children and adults. While these clinics are best recommended, do seek for a doctor whom you are comfortable with.

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